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See what's happening at Te Hapa o Niu Tireni wharenui and within Te Waipounamu communities this month.




Arowhenua Rūnanga Today

Arowhenua continues as a vibrant and active community today, with Te Rūnanga o Arowhenua Society Incorporated having responsibility for both upholding the aspirations of Kāti Huirapa while maintaining strong relationships and engagement with the wider community. 

Since the original shift of the Kāti Huirapa people from the traditional Pā site of Waiateruati, the community have maintained a strong presence at Arowhenua. Alongside Te Hapa o Niu Tireni is the last surviving native schools in the South Island, Arowhenua Māori School – Tarahaoa, built in 1895, and also a health clinic for the community – He Oranga Pai, opened in more recent years. 

The executive and management team are responsive to members of the hapū and wider community, undertaking activities to meet the current and future needs of the community to ensure that future generations have a place that acknowledges the unique history of the region and upholds the cultural practices and beliefs of Kāti Huirapa. 

This largely voluntary community organisation administers a range of portfolios required to manage interests in a broad range of areas including social development, education, environment, culture, and economy. 

Our intention is to work collaboratively and in partnership with the local, regional, and national community to preserve and protect the unique history of this region and the iconic natural features within it, whilst upholding the ongoing aspirations of Kāti Huirapa. 



The tears of Aoraki fall
And flow to the Mahaanui coastline
There are the plains soared over by the kāhu
Turn to the land of Tarahaoa and Hua-te-kerekere
Behold, it is Te Rehe
Behold, it is Te Rehe
Turn to the swirlingpools of te Umu Kaka
There is the multitude of Kāti Huirapa
Gathering kai, kauru in October
Kanakana in June
There stands Te Hapa o Niu Tireni
Arowhenua is the village
Arowhenua is the village
Mariki ana kā roimata o Aoraki
Rere atu ki ka tai o Mahaanui
Tērā kā pākihi hāroa e te kāhu
E aro ki kā whenua o Tarahaoa, o Hua-te-kerekere
Anā ko Te Rehe e
Anā ko Te Rehe e

Ka huri ki kā āwhiowhio o Te Umu Kaha
Naia ko te rahi o Kāti Huirapa
Kohikohi kai ai, kāuru i te Ono
Kanakana i Māruaroa
Ko Te Hapa o Niu Tireni tū mai rā
Ko te kāika, ko Arowhenua
Ko te kāika, ko Arowhenua


Our Core Values

Ka takata

Valuing People {Integrity}


Mana Tiaki

{Protecting our Environments)




{Encouraging Progress and Innovation}

Vision for our People

Arowhenua – Nurturing our people through generations, guardians of the environments we live in, progressing our future locally and globally. 

To achieve this vision the Arowhenua community will invest time and finances to revitalise Te Hapa o Niu Tireni as the place that our people can carry in their hearts and memories where ever they may be in the world. 

We want to be sure that our community will always be able to return home to learn, share, and grieve together. It is important that for generations to come there is a place that whānau, hapū, iwi and community can remember the past and plan for the future together. 

Our vision for Te Hapa o Niu Tireni is to see our younger and older generations sharing and creating memories in spaces that allow for relaxed and open communication, workshops for whānau and community, and ongoing cultural practices.  

Modern and warm spaces with natural light will be the context for meetings with key stakeholders and agencies in either an official or relaxed capacity. 
The Wharekai will be able to cater for hundreds of visitors, with a modern and spacious kitchen and dining area, the hall will be lled with laughter and the people with stunning kai served in a comfortable and friendly space. All this will happen with our culture, history, and language woven into the conversations and spaces so as to maintain the authenticity of Arowhenua. 

The old and new will be celebrated by locals and visitors alike and the values and beliefs of Kāti Huirapa will guide us in this next phase of our growth and development. 

Mai i te Pō ki te Whaiao ki Te Ao Mārama, ka rere te manu ki te taumata o Aoraki, ka rere te wairua o te whenua, ka rere te wairua o te tangata tae noa ki Kāti Huirapa ki Arowhenua. Tīhei mauri ora